• Basic
  • SPEED:

    up to 1 Mbps Download

    up to 512 Kpbs Upload

  • Best for personal use




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  • Essential
  • SPEED:

    up to 2 Mbps Download

    up to 1 Mbps Upload

  • Best for couples

    ♥Streaming Videos

    ♥File Sharing

    ♥Download Music

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  • Power
  • SPEED:

    up to 5 Mbps Download

    up to 3 Mbps Upload

  • Best for families

    ♥Streaming Movies



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  • Ultimate
  • SPEED:

    up to 10 Mbps Download

    up to 5 Mbps Upload

  • Best for small business

    ♥Multiple Devices

    ♥Download HD Movies

    ♥Download Music

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Business Class

  • Extreme
  • SPEED:

    up to 1,000 Mbps Download

    up to 1,000 Mbps Upload

  • Mid Size to Large Businesses

    ♥T1 Replacement

    ♥Up time guarantee

    ♥Service Level Agreement

    ♥Customized Services

    ♥Managed Business Class Router

    ♥On site guarantee

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Installation fee is based on contract term. Installation Costs: $199 – 2 year agreement | FOR A LIMITED TIME WE ARE OFFER INSTALLATION FOR $99.00!

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