We love hearing from our customers. As a Virginia internet service provider, we pride ourselves on staying close to our customers and always listening when they have something to say. Please read below for what some of our customers had to say about our internet service.

“A couple years ago as I was performing my annual desperate search for ANY available broadband connection for my area I came across CVALINK. My family now has broadband internet, in the woods, nestled 6 miles outside of town.”

– Jason Worthington

“Just wanted to express our thanks for the great connection we are now enjoying.”

– Lil Conner, Dockside Realty

“Our CVALiNK connection is 1/2 the price and over twice the speed of our former AT&T/Verizon T1 service.

We have been on the Internet for many years and this is the best Internet service yet. The service has proven reliable and does not go down every time we hear thunder like the T1 service did.

Our contacts at CVALiNK have always been responsive and they have an appreciation for customer’s concerns. Great people to do business with! We wish them every success.”

– Jack Speer, President of Buckmaster Publishing in Mineral, VA

“I’ve tried other services and satellite and this is the best internet in terms of game play and speeds in the area. It’s worked great through the winter weather. I really enjoy working with you guys, great installers, great customer service.”

– Charles M. Trevillians

“Finally! Found a high-speed solution that works in Louisa County!”

– Sally in Louisa