Future Network Plans

We have an announcement for our Louisa network

Date: 02/12/18

From: Clay Stewart, COO

SCS Broadband, d/b/a AcelaNet, LLC

To: CVALiNK Customers

Louisa County, VA

Subject: CVALiNK Internet Service Plan Upgrades

This letter is to announce that by August 31st of 2018 or earlier, all customers of CVALiNK will be converted to SCS Broadband. The technical staff at SCS Broadband has been working hard preparing to move all customers over to the SCS Internet Plans. This is great news, as faster speeds will become available at no additional cost. Current CVALiNK pricing and speeds will remain in effect until your conversion date.

This process is a tower-by-tower, house-by-house conversion to have 100% of CVALiNK customers converted to SCS Broadband equipment and services. SCS is deploying better WIFI equipment, and we are also deploying our new super-speed LTE equipment. Although the two types of technologies have the same pricing for all five plans, LTE is faster than the WIFI systems. LTE may not be available at all locations due to terrain or trees. You will be notified for a free onsite service call when your home will be upgraded to the SCS Broadband WIFI or LTE plans.

SCS Broadband has been investing in the Louisa network in preparation for these upgrades. This includes upgraded fiber connections to the Internet for the tower system and adding high-bandwidth licensed backhauls between towers. The fiber upgrade is a 1000% increase in backhaul capability compared to today’s CVALiNK backhaul, with an additional 1000% increase capability for future demands. In addition, SCS Broadband has connected the new fiber to our Richmond Application Network Operations Center. This means that for more than 30 applications, you do not connect to the slower Internet to use these applications. For example, Netflix, Apple TV, Facebook, Dropbox, Blackboard, and many others reside on our fiber network. This will make your streaming and high-volume data, photo, and video transfers work extremely well, since they will not have to traverse the Internet. Additionally, SCS Broadband has leased or purchased more towers for expanding and improving service, including a 320’ tower in the center of Louisa County.

We look forward to your upgrades in the very near future. SCS broadband is committed to Louisa County through continued investment.

Thank you for your patience and support as our construction proceeds.



            Clay Stewart, President and COO

            SCS Broadband, a d/b/a of AcelaNet, LLC