Billing Information

Billing Operation Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm

Telephone 540-967-3973

Mailing Address:
SCS Broadband
604 Thomas Nelson Hwy
Arrington, VA 22922

or by email at

Are service charges prorated?

To keep costs down we do automatic billing on the first of the month using your credit card or bank account.  If you chose not to do this payment is due on the 1st of each month and the autobill credit of $5 is not applied to your invoice.  Payments can be processed through our website using your credit card or bank account, Click Here

Will I get a monthly Invoice?

Even if you are on autobill a email notice will be sent to you to remind you charges will be made to your account.  To keep expenses low we do not mail out invoices.  At anytime you can log into you account and your past invoices.

What are late charges?

A late charge of a $5 is applied to your account if payment is not received by the 7th of the month and service is put on hold on the 15th if not payment is made.

Are there any cancellation fees?

If you have selected a contract agreement then there is a cancellation fee of $250. There are no refunds for unused service. Refunds for service will only be given in the event services were prepaid annually.
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