About CVALink

In 2001, CVALiNK was started as a dialup company to provide a local alternative to AOL.  We quickly saw that dialup was going to die and that Cable and DSL would lead the future.  We couldn’t afford the equipment to deploy those technologies in rural communities so we started looking at what people were doing with wireless.  CVALiNK started by leasing space on the Town of Louisa’s water tower and was soon providing wireless service to rural areas. Since that time we have added many broadcast locations and continue to invest in new technology.  CVALiNK’s headquarters are located in the Town of Louisa, VA, providing service to both businesses and home users.  CVALiNK prides itself on superb customer service and taking an active role in the community.

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Hours:  M-F 8:30am-5:30pm
or by scheduled appointment

Address:  110 Fredericksburg Ave, Louisa, VA 23093

Phone: 540-967-3973

Sales Department (sales@cvalink.com)
Support Department (support@cvalink.com)
Billing Department (billing@cvalink.com)
Employment (employment@cvalink.com)
Invest in CVALiNK (InvestorRelations@cvalink.com)

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